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    13 FISHING Concept A3

    R 4 190.00

    Designed from the award-winning lineage of 13 Fishing’s Concept family of reels, the A3 is everything desired in a big low-profile, cranked up a few notches. Power is paramount to the new A3 design, and it all starts with the guts of this beast. Cut with Japanese Hamai precision, the new H.A.M. gears are hardened brass that is substantially stronger and thicker than any reel in its class. With over 30+ lbs of fish stopping power, the Bull Drag System, puts the brakes on the hardest fighting fish with smooth precision.

    Key Features

    Ocean Armor 2 Saltwater Protection Process

    30+ lbs Max Drag

    H.A.M. Gearing System

    Dead Stop Anti-Reverse System

    Concept Cork Knobs

    Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate

    Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing

    Trick Shop Compatible

    HD Aluminum Frame and Gear Side Plate

    Airfoil Carbon Palm Side Plate

    Arrowhead Line Guide System


    13 FISHING Concept C2

    R 3 749.00

    Exceptionally light, the Concept C Gen II weighs 5.89 oz/167 g! Loaded with new tech and designed for performance this is the reel you will want to cast all day and never put down. You will find yourself re-tying your lures, instead of grabbing the other combos you prepared. Cast Iron Carbon material is a major advancement in material technology that delivers on our goal of building a zero-corrosion frame that fishes like it was metal. This High Strength extremely low flex material matched with genius engineering and design elements is the key to the rock-solid feel and performance. The all NEW butter-smooth Ti-Armor Aluminum drive gear is 3X more resistant to environmental wear. The Concept C Gen II features include an Arrowhead Line Guide, Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate, KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper, 25 lb. Bulldog Drag, High-Spin Anti Corrosion Bearings, Railed Clutch Cam, and much much more.

    Key Features

    Hi-Tech Cast Iron Carbon Frame and Side Plate Construction

    High Spin Spool System

    Ti-Armor Aluminum Hamai Cut Drive Gear

    25 lb Bulldog Drag System

    9 BB (2 High Spin Corrosion Resistant BB, 5 Stainless BB, 1 Dead Stop Anti-Reverse)

    Arrowhead Line Guide

    Reinforced Clutch Cam

    KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper

    Generation II Hard Anodized Worm Shaft

    Low-Friction 6-Way Braking System

    Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate

    Trick Shop Compatible~

    13 Fishing Creed GT

    From R 1 329.00

    13 Fishing Creed K

    From R 615.00

    13 Fishing Creed X

    From R 1 195.00

    13 FISHING Inception

    R 1 850.00

    Born from a pedigree of performance and style, the Inception is a feature-packed reel capable of meeting any demand you make. The Inception is incredibly easy to fine tune and adjust. Its lightweight body and super low-profile design provide incredible comfort during long days on the water.

    Key Features

    HD Aluminum Frame

    Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate

    Integrated Hook Keep-R

    Multi-Material Oversize Drag Washers

    EVA Tech Handle Knobs

    Arrowhead Line Guide System

    Instant Stop Anti-Reverse

    Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing

    6-Way Centrifugal Braking System

    High Spin Spool System



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