Everything you need to know about terminal tackle

Anglers depend on terminal tackle to deliver the best results. Terminal tackle is the kit you find at the end of your line. We would like to look at factors you should look for when choosing your tackle.

Your specific needs will depend on your selected angling discipline, the species you are targeting, and your choice of fishing venue . Locations often have their own rules regarding what types of terminal tackle can be used and these may dictate what you decide to invest in when you are equipping your tackle box.

It’s crucial to look for sturdy, durable and corrosion-resistant tackle. Colours that can be seen from the bank but which are low-profile when below the surface are essential. You require shapes and textures that will draw the fish in and won’t spook them when they are feeding on your free baits.

How much terminal tackle should your buy?

Less is rarely more with terminal tackle. It is wise to give yourself various options, so choose different patterns, sizes and weights. This will give you the greatest chance of having the perfect rig for any given circumstances.

On the other hand, you don’t want to weigh yourself down too much or clutter your tackle box. To have the best chance of success, research the fishing venues to see what hook patterns and types of terminal tackle are commonly allowed or are favored by those who fish there.

Deciding on what to buy can then become easy, depending on where you are heading for a particular trip, you can always choose to reduce what you have to carry by leaving any items which you are unlikely to use.

As you progress on your angling adventure, you can experiment with various options and find out what works for you at each venue. You will discover what feels right and what delivers the best results.