Most common fishing lures

Algobaits CC offers various fishing techniques and equipment to enhance your fishing experience in different environments.The most commonly used fishing lures include plugs, jigs, spinner bait, spoons as well as flies. The effectiveness of the fishing lure is dependent on the type of water the fish swims in and the temperature of the water.

Lures come in a multitude of shapes, colours and sizes as well as natural and artificial fishing baits. A few advantages associated with fishing lures are cost-effectiveness, the ability of casting the line further than using live bait and are easily interchangeable.

Crank baits and plugs are solid or hollowed pieces of plastic, with a thin layer of metal or plastic attached to it. Plugs have two or three components of the treble hooks, and are dependent on the design which can float, sink, dive and even hover. Jigs are predominantly used due to the weight capacity as they sink easily, specially used for bottom feeders.

By utilising the lures from Algobaits CC, fishermen are more likely to target a species more accurately and are better for catch and release since the fish are less likely to be gulped on the entire hook.
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