Rock and surf fishing tips

Are you planning a trip to the coast and are looking for some tips on rock and surf fishing? In this blog, we will help you out by providing you with a basic beginner’s guide.

Common courtesy towards other anglers

Be sure to extend common courtesy on the beach as this allows for good fishing and good times for everyone. When setting up your fishing gear, please avoid doing so next to someone else when the entire beach is open. Most anglers like to have their space to fish, and unless it is unavoidable keep a respectable distance from their lines. Also, be sure to leave the area where you fished in the same condition as you found it.


There are many unforeseen hazards when rock and surf fishing that can potentially hurt or even kill an unsuspecting angler. Be vigilant about safety and adhere to simple rules and common sense. “Never turn your back on the ocean.” it doesn’t matter whether you are on the beach or on the rocks, it only takes one wave to knock you down and sweep you into the ocean, seriously hurting yourself or drowning. Safety should be your first priority and should never be compromised.

Handling of fish

Even something as simple as handling a fish can pose health hazards to the rock and surf fishing angler. Aside from the obvious hazards like teeth, fins, and gill plates, dangling hooks can also pose a threat to the unsuspecting angler. Although not all species of fish have teeth that could cause damage, use caution until you have learnt which ones has teeth and which ones don’t. when removing hooks from the fish’s mouth, gently pin the fish down with one hand and use a proper hook-removal tool or fishing pliers. Surprisingly the biggest risk to an angler is not the fish, but hook in its mouth. Sometimes a fish will shake its head and a hook can become embedded into the soft tissue rather easily. Trying to remove this hook from your hand is extremely difficult and painful due to the barb.