Braided Fishing Line

When to use braided fishing line

Algobaits CC offers top of the range fishing tackle equipment that is affordable and reliable to use in a multitude of fishing contexts. These contexts include Estuary Fishing, Shore Game, Rock & Surf, Boat Fishing as well as Popping & Jigging.

A braided fishing line is made out of a weave of fibre materials woven out of Spectra or Micra-Dyneema into a strand of line which has the purpose of ensuring that the fish is unlikely to break through the line.

Braided fishing lines are smaller in diameter and have the ability to float in top water bait context. The advantages of utilising a braided fishing line is excellent when fishing heavy water vegetation environments such as lily pad, water hyacinths and cattails, which the braided fishing line ensures that the fishing top water baits can cut through the stems of the plants.

Additional contexts where braided fishing lines are particularly useful are when the hook and muscle of the fishing boat is hooked into the fish’s mouth. This improves the hook up ratio and balances the weight constraints of the fish and the rod.

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